Why Your Electrical Outlets Are Probably Not Working

When you plug in your refrigerator,  washing machines, TVs, or heaters into the electrical outlets in the home, we just automatically expect them to work if the house is not experiencing any power outages.  However, that is not always the case. There are instances when you might plug in your electrical appliances and nothing happens. Your outlets have simply gone dead. This is not a very common problem and it is always advisable to hire professional Brisbane electricians in order to have a look at the problem and offer a professional diagnosis of the problem.

A dead electrical outlet is generally an indicator of a more serious electrical problem with your system. Here are some possible scenarios on why your electrical outlets may not be working.

It has a Tripped Circuit Breaker

This is one of the most common reasons why your electrical outlets are not working. If a single circuit breaker trips, the outlets will stop working. Whenever your outlets die, it is always advisable to open the panel and see if there are any circuit breakers which have shut off and are in an OFF position. If that is the issue, you can simply turn them on and the electrical outlets will begin working once more.

In certain instances, the circuit breakers will trip but the knob does not flip so it is not easy for the layman to determine whether the circuit breaker has really tripped. This could be due to the fact that it stuck somewhere in the middle or it has tripped but still stuck too close to the ON position. In that case, it is advisable to hire professional Brisbane electricians to check out the problem. Most probably, this could be due to an overloading problem with your circuitry. Try unplugging some items and see if power comes back to the outlets. If nothing still happens, then hire an electrician to offer you a professional diagnosis and carry out any necessary repairs.

The GFCI Outlet has Tripped

Based on the modern building codes, there is a requirement that the power outlets that are situated close to sinks should be installed with a ground fault circuit interrupter otherwise called the GFCI. Such additions enable these outlets to shut automatically whenever an overheat or a short is detected in the circuitry. It does this without necessarily tripping the circuit breaker.

Whenever there are electrical outlets in the bathrooms or kitchens which have gone off while the circuit breaker is still in ON position, you can simply reset the GFCI electrical outlets which are located in the room. If a single GFCI pops, it is going to cause all the electrical outlets that are installed on the same line to lose power.

Faulty Outlets

In the older homes, one of the most common causes of electrical outlets shutting off is due to old, worn out and faulty outlets. In this case, after repeated use over several years, the contacts of the circuitry will become loose thus failing to conduct electrical power. As a result, you may  need to carry out a replacement of the entire outlet with the help of professional Brisbane electricians.

If faulty outlets are not shut down at the panels, they are likely to result in serious injuries or even hazards such as electrical fires. This work should be carried out by licensed Brisbane electricians.