Turn Your Accommodation Website into a Booking Magnet

We all dream of deploying an accommodation booking software and platform that will draw in the revenues and dominate the local market. We imagine we will build a mini-Expedia or Mini-Priceline to compete effectively with some of the big players and allow us to dominate the local market niche or a certain global niche.

But wanting to and realizing this is not always a walk in the park. You will begin putting things into perspective when three months after launching your much vaunted online platform, you have only managed a single booking on your platform. No matter how beautifully or how well ranking your website is, you have to get certain fundamentals right in order to turn your accommodation website into a booking magnet that draws in a steady amount of daily bookings.

If you are running a hotel booking, bed and breakfast booking, rentals, guest house or a motel booking website in a particular market niche, here are some important tips to use to ensure your online booking platform is a roaring success:

Look for reliable all-in-one accommodation booking software

This will be the core investment in your booking system online. All those efforts that you pump in SEO, online marketing, PPC or social media marketing should direct traffic to intuitive and well-functioning booking software online.

Ensure that the guests are able to book smoothly on your website. If your booking software accommodation tool is not offering guests the option to book accommodation in real-time, then you are likely to miss out big on some of those bookings. Offer an option where customers can book instantly if they need to grab a certain deal that you have displayed on your website.

Work on the rates and the availability

One of the reasons why you will lose customers is because the price that you have advertised on your website is higher than those which are available on travel website. This is mostly because your accommodation booking software is not well integrated with the systems that manage all the rates and availability.

Keeping tabs on the booking rates across the web and manually updating it on your accommodation booking software can be a difficult task. A smart way to keep tabs on the rates and availability is by using a booking system online that will integrate your website to an all-in-one channel manager capable of managing all channels.

Once the system is automated with other online distribution channels, you can sit back and relax with assurance that you are competing effectively based on price.

Mobile compatibility

If you are not hooked onto mobile, then you are missing out on a large chunk of the online travel market. An estimated 52% of travel buyers are searching for online travel information via their mobile devices. It is therefore important to integrate mobile into your online booking system in order to capture this market.

Confidence and security

Online travel buyers are increasingly wary of online security threats. Ensure that you use an accommodation booking software that is PCI-compliant for secure payments. Good all-in-one booking software with the right security compliance features will inspire confidence in your customers.

Excellent Website Quality and Experience

Work on the website shop-front and ensure it offers the best user experience for your customers. Have good navigation and important offer information above the fold. Ensure you have photos above the fold.

Guide customers through booking process

Not all customers searching for travel products online are tech-savvy. It is important to spare a slide or a page to guide customers on the booking process.

By following these simple tips, you will be able to maximize on your website traffic so as to convert your website into a booking magnet.