Make a Difference in Cambodia With the Bamboo Project

Planning to volunteer in the beautiful Cambodia? There are a lot of volunteering opportunities that await you here ranging from carrying outreach programs to educating kids. With the Bamboo Cambodia volunteering program, you can play your small part in healing and building this country which is still grappling with some major challenges.

For volunteers, there are plenty of opportunities to make a real difference in the livelihoods of people. With the Bamboo volunteer company in Thailand and Cambodia, you will be able to do this at a very local level through direct and impactful programs such as teaching English, volunteering at an elephant village or building capacity in an underprivileged school. You no longer have to worry about your effort or donations which are meant to help people in need getting siphoned off by business interests.

The Bamboo Thailand volunteer travel program enables you to immerse yourself deeply in this program through an incredible support network by the staff. This is tailored to make you feel really comfortable for the duration of your volunteering program. You will experience a very lively and interesting country while also getting the opportunity to do something that is truly rewarding.

Volunteers can also get the opportunity to work in the grassroots community development projects. Here you will find plenty of ways to make a difference in these communities that have been left behind. It is possible to make some really genuine contributions by assisting teachers or simply taking some of the workload for them for a duration of time.

A lot of the Bamboo Cambodia volunteering programs which involve an educational aspect will see you equipping the kids with English skills. They will need this to get ahead in life and the very globalized world that we live in. For these poor kids, learning good English skills from a good teacher is often a privilege. In some cases, you can also carry out a capacity building work to equip other teachers with the right skills on effectively instructing their students. If you are an experienced teacher, then you will be able to do this more effectively.

But the roles and programs available for volunteers in Cambodia are quite varied. Specialized volunteers can choose from varied placement programs offered by the Bamboo Project. These include an outreach work in Angkor Wat, small community development projects in Angkor Wat or teaching kids at an underprivileged school outside the Cambodian capital.

The factors that influence placement with Bamboo cambodia volunteering program

Where you volunteer can be determined by several factors. Some of these include your particular skills, your volunteering preferences, educational backgrounds as well as the unique needs of a particular project.

While the educational programs take up the bulk of the volunteers, there are many other areas where your skills will make a big difference in Cambodia. These include the following:

  • Conservation efforts
  • Fundraising
  • Health and hygiene
  • Coaching
  • Community development work

The Bamboo Project works with many other NGOs in Cambodia and you are thus assured of finding a program that will be very much up your alley. For additional tips on Bamboo Thailand volunteer travel, check out