Do These Five Things Before Renting a Holiday Beach House

Compared to booking a five-star hotel for your vacation in a given destination, renting a holiday house is a great way to save you money. The biggest perk is on the cost. For example, beach holiday homes such as Bedarra Island accommodation, are less expensive when compared to staying in high-end hotels. Other benefits you can expect from renting a beach house include a free private garage and parking area, full kitchen, and plenty of room to relax with your family. If you are planning to rent a beach house for your next vacation, keep in mind these points before you rent.

Rent from a reliable source

Many companies are in the business of holiday rentals. However, not all of them can provide you with a property that matches your expectations. Many travelers have disregarded this aspect, went ahead to rent from any source, and got disappointed in the end. Therefore, to avoid disappointment during your vacation, it is advisable to rent a holiday property only from a trusted source.

For instance, if you are eyeing a Bedarra Island accommodation, you can start by checking relevant websites for holiday home rentals. Popular relevant sites include,, and among others. In addition, you can also visit tourism websites and consult real estate companies in the destination you intend to visit.

Plan earlier

Bookings for holiday homes take place all year round. It is advisable to book several months in advance to secure suitable locations and homes with better amenities. Property owners often deal with renters on a first-come-first served basis. For instance, if you are considering a holiday house for a Bedarra Island accommodation, you should fix the time in which you want to visit and book at least six months earlier. At the time of booking, find out if there are any special offers for the early birds!

Ask questions

It is important to probe the condition of the house that you intend to rent. Therefore, don’t shy from asking the owner of the house questions regarding the property and the surrounding. For example, you want to know exactly what the owner meant by saying the property is close to the beach. How close is the property to the beach? Do you need a beach pass? What beach facilities are provided? What are the condition of the beds, linens, and kitchen appliances? Find out these in advance to help you make the right decision. Bedarra Beach House

Ask for more views

The photos you see in the listing may not exhaust all the interior and exterior sections of the building. If, for example, you want to find accommodation in Bedarra Island, ask the property owner for more photos that reveal the bedrooms, kitchen, lounge, and the environment outside the house. If you love to spend more time outdoors, you should see how the deck, patio, and backyard look like.

Read traveler reviews

Traveler reviews are a great source of information if you are looking for a vacation rental house. For example, if you want the best accommodation in Bedarra Island, Queensland, take your time to read the traveler reviews in reputable travel sites such as